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Guangdong Meisui Indusrial Development Co., Ltd

The MS company has been thriving for a decade: This is because, as a family-run company, we rely on long-standing relationships and aim to live up to our own exacting standards of expertise and experience in all fields of gypsum processing. We see ourselves as driving, innovative force that has continually set new standards in a dynamic and diverse industry. And MS is one of the largest gypsum products manufacturers in China. We manufacture all kinds of natural gypsum products, especially the gypsum ceilings, gypsum boards and GRG of high quality. Anything you can imagine, we can make it.  Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Canada, are all of our leading markets.


Company data

Company founded: in 1998 by Changyong Yu
Location: Guangzhou, China
Type of business: family-owned
Main products: GRG, 3D wall panel, Gypsum ceiling tiles, Gypsum board(drywall), gypsum lighting, Gypsum cornice
Production plants: 2 locations in China
Staff: currently about 100 to 200 
Factory: Two factories, Guangdong and Hunan, China.
Certifications: ISO9001    Test Report
Contact ways:, +86 13826119508(Tel)
Chinese website:


Company main leaders

Changyong Yu(CEO),  Huixia Tong(Sales Director),  Xiaoyong Yu(Marketing Manager), Shangyong Yu(Purchasing Manager)


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