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Special hospital ceiling MS686

Special hospital ceiling MS686

NO.: MS686 YK
Market Price:
M2 (Square Meter)
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    Product Specifications
     Material: Gypsum powder and glass fiber

Has antibacterial, antifungal, fireproof, waterproof, no deformation, does not change color, sound insulation superior performance characteristics to meet the medical hosipital envionment special requirements of materials; infusion rail road, overhead curtain track hidden in the grid of beautiful, stylish, simple, and easy maintenance.

      Application range:  Hosipital ceiling 
      Product size:  396*1197.8*17mm    396*1797.8*17mm
      Grid size:  399.7*1199mm          399.7*1799mm
      Surface treaments:

Waterproof, pearl lustre finish, glazing finish,power coating finish, uv color(such as marble, wood and others)


Different surface treaments, different size, different price 


Product Features Detailed Description:

1.Fire-proof: Testified by national supervision and testing center graded as Class A.

2.Water-proof : Can be washed over 200 times without discolorment.Wet absorbing less than 0.001 in the air with humidity of 95%.

3.Mouldy-proof: No mouldy and no discolorment at any circumstances.

4.Llight weight: 6-7kg m2 carrying Weight is 30times of that of self-weight high intensity:355N. 2times of that of international standard.

5.Sound-absorbing: Frequency91005000Hz),coefficient90.75-0.80)able to lower noise inside.

6.Aging-resistance: Deformability is less than 2mm in humidity of 95% efflorescence resistance.

7.Environment protection and health  No poisonous gas and material due to the suing of natural inorganic complex material.

8.Elegancy: Error in processing support and ceiling with a tolerance of less than 0.1mmand 0.5mm.

9. Surface pattern   Refer to the specification sheets and the customer's requirement.



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