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Waterproof Fireproof Case MS000

Waterproof Fireproof Case MS000

NO.: MS000
Market Price:
M2 (Square Meter)
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    Product Specifications
      Material: Gypsum powder and glass fiber

Soft surface with square trough main support of individual black line or blue line as a support,

marking each corner of space perfect.

      Application range:    Hotel ceiling or office paster board and so on
      Product size:  603*603*17mm    603*1203*17mm
      Grid size:  610*610mm          610*1210mm
      Surface treaments:

Waterproof, pearl lustre finish, glazing finish,

power coating finish, uv color(such as marble, wood and others)


Different surface treaments, different size, different price 


Product Features Detailed Description:

1.Fire-proof: Testified by national supervision and testing center graded as Class A.

2.Water-proof : Can be washed over 200 times without discolorment.Wet absorbing less than 0.001 in the air with humidity of 95%.

3.Mouldy-proof: No mouldy and no discolorment at any circumstances.

4.Llight weight: 6-7kg m2 carrying Weight is 30times of that of self-weight high intensity:355N. 2times of that of international standard.

5.Sound-absorbing: Frequency91005000Hz),coefficient90.75-0.80)able to lower noise inside.

6.Aging-resistance: Deformability is less than 2mm in humidity of 95% efflorescence resistance.

7.Environment protection and health  No poisonous gas and material due to the suing of natural inorganic complex material.

8.Elegancy: Error in processing support and ceiling with a tolerance of less than 0.1mmand 0.5mm.

9. Surface pattern   Refer to the specification sheets and the customer's requirement.



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