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How do I order?


  1. simply browse our products and hit the buy button.You can choose to register to make it easier next time you come back as your details will be saved in the system also those who register will be sent promotions and discounts from time to time so if you like saving more simply register today.
  2. Simply take 15 seconds to create an account online and you would be able to keep your shopping cart for future checkout and track the status of your order


First, a buyer need to register an account by creating a username and password before buying on the website. The buyer does not have to confirm the registration in his/her email.

When they come to the checkout page, the buyer needs to fill up all the information required on this page and if he or she is a repeated buyer, he or she could simple click on the “Frequently used address” button and his/her address would appear. There is no need for repeated customer to fill up the address one more time. 

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