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2016 GuangZhou International Lightings Exhibition(21st)-Meisui will be with you.

Last Update: 06/20/2016 00:33

The lightings exhibition is the weathervane of the global lighting and LED industry, which demonstrates in all direction the LED lighting products and technique with innovative thinking for this industry. GuangZhou international lightings exhibition, stepping into the 21st, is the Asia’s best organized lighting and LED exhibition. It devotes to promoting the development of this industry and trade cooperation with experience and develops a sharing platform for global lighting technique.

The exhibitors of both domestic and overseas from about 20 countries and regions bring about advanced technique, comprehensively displaying the solutions of lighting and LED. To be honor, MeiSui is to be one of these exhibitors.

The Information of MeiSui exhibition

Address: Yuejiang middle road NO.380, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

Stand: B section, 10.3 A02

Time: 9-12.6th, 2016

The topic of this MeiSui exhibition: household. So the atmosphere we create, which can make everyone feel relax, is a sense of comfortable like in home. Therefore, the products of this exhibition also mainly focus on products of home furnishings. Great thinks for all visitors recognitions to our products during this exhibition.

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