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A nightclub ceiling collapse accident in Manchester

Last Update: 10/17/2017 04:33

Recently, a video is popular of network, it is about a nightclub ceiling collapse accident in Manchester. Luckily no one was injured, the court personnel evacuate the accident occurred immediately. 

In the picture you can see the ceiling fall scenes of chaos, when students support came down with both hands plasterboard while people quickly leave. A 20-year-old college student Tom foster said: "at that time, we were dancing, suddenly somebody heads were hit by a ceiling tile, the scene was full of cries. We stood there with his hand against the ceiling tile, a half of the room were all in the dark. We were trying to leave the place, but when we look back found that some of us are there under the ceiling to let others to leave first."

Club spokesman said: "this is the first floor of the ceiling is loose. Two years ago, with an area of the ceiling was loosed. At present, we are not sure what's going on, there is not the problem on the building structure, so we need to discuss and construction contractors."

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