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Building Materials Industry Analysis Of Gypsum Product In China

Last Update: 05/16/2016 22:47

About China gypsum building materials industry analysis and at pingjiang, hunan province, the new ecological (gypsum)

Building materials industrial park project preparation prophase work report
Respect the Tian secretary of county magistrate, director wu, xie ShuDaJiao and leaders, gypsum building materials of friends:
Good morning!

On the occasion of the established at pingjiang, hunan in guangdong chamber of commerce, we are very honored to welcome the secretary of Tian, Xie county magistrate, pingjiang country delegation visit our gypsum building materials industry research, and it is our industry event, please allow me, on behalf of the industry of the owners and the our MS company all staff to extend our warm welcome to you and sincerely respect! Because of the travel time is hasty, I simply report to the leaders of the two jobs:
One is China gypsum building materials industry overview; Second, ecological building materials industrial park at pingjiang, Hunan’s preparations for the early stage of the project report.

A, Gypsum building materials industry in China
< a > gypsum building materials is introduced:
Natural gypsum is monoclinic system mineral (CaSO2), divided into two kinds of crystals (alpha and beta gypsum), mainly divided into industrial materials and building materials. Industry is mainly the cement additive model, ceramics, health food, paper, paint and chemical products; Construction materials mainly indoor ceiling and the wall, gypsum building materials is the main feature of the ecological environmental protection, sound absorption, sound insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation and modeling is plasticity. The alpha waterproof gypsum and the characteristics of high strength lightweight, its strength is equivalent to ten times the beta gypsum (artificial marble).
Main product categories are: 1, decorative gypsum board; 2, gypsum board; 3, gypsum line; 4, no paper gypsum fiber board;
5, GRG component; 6, art wall plate; 7, lightweight wall brick seven categories, as well as light steel keel variations of aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic mould materials, which in addition to the gypsum board, part of GRG, line products, other basic dominated by people at pingjiang.

< B > gypsum building materials status:
During the period of "11th five-year plan", gypsum building materials to maintain sustained growth, economic benefits and technical level has increased significantly, basically meets the requirements of economic and social development.
One is the products increased steadily. Gypsum ceiling wall 2013 output of 3 billion square meters (at pingjiang production area of 300 million square meters, accounting for 10%), gypsum line of 2.5 billion meters (at pingjiang people produce 50 million meters, accounting for 2%), 3 d art wall panel with GRG high-end products also occupies a place in the market, and the proportion is not big.
Second, the structure of product innovation speeds up. With GRG, 3d art wall with gypsum decorative lighting, fiber board has reached the international level of developed countries, with independent intellectual property rights, production technology has been transformed by hand-made to mechanized assembly line. Third, effective energy is saving and emission reduction. As the mechanized standardization production technology to improve, "three wastes" emissions, is the first choice for green building.

Gypsum building materials is the current our country the most advantages, the most versatile decorative materials, as the ecological environmental protection product, the application of gypsum building materials development has a bright development prospect, gives two type of environmental friendly and resource-saving society have positive practical significance.

As the country accelerating industrialization, urbanization and informationization, gypsum building materials industry will usher in a new period of development, in the transformation and upgrading of this important issue, one should rely on technological innovation to improve research and development design and equipment level, the second is to establish strategic alliance in gypsum building materials industry, with enterprises as the main body, combining study, constantly improve the industry competition ability, in addition also need to build a healthy, benign social development environment, according to the actuality of gypsum building materials industry development course and characteristics, and the current situation and future prediction factors, to ensure that the next decade have a benign development space, to suggest that the four main problems of the industry and five Suggestions, for your reference:

Main problems of one: gypsum building materials industry concentration degree is low, the production specialization degree is not high also, cannot achieve economies of scale. At pingjiang people open gypsum building materials manufacturers with building materials outlets across the country estimates that in 1000, annual production of about 10% of the industry, and the height of the steel, oil and other industries there is a big gap, the centralized and low degree of specialization, most enterprises are hodgepodge, plank, line want to do anything, just not making famous brand and scale, specialized division of labor is not clear, lead to not form scale economy.

Main problems of the two: market competition intensifying, the price war, R&D spending less, redundant construction and serious product homogeneity. In the early 1990 s, due to the reform and opening up real estate investment, with the government to drive industrialization urbanization, international building materials poured into the Chinese market, domestic building materials enterprise vigorous development, profitable, and investment threshold is low, has been rapidly, savage growth throughout the industry present situation, has structural contradictions, low-standard products excess production capacity, price war, including creative design of new and high technology of high value-added products and limited capacity, have been replaced with references to other products, because of the price war and in the case of thin margins, basic no r&d, also does not have its own intellectual property rights, lead to serious product homogeneity, a vicious cycle.

Three main problems: gypsum building materials enterprise technology and equipment are limited, unreasonable structure, technical transformation to upgrade a difficult task.

Four main problems: there is no strong brand and marketing system construction, respectively for development, not form leading enterprises and brand chain effect, market pull co., LTD.High quality customer number less, not to mention talent strategy and the strong support of the organization system, leading to a high labor costs and personnel and technicians.

Five Suggestions are proposed: one is form a gypsum building materials industry association or strategic alliance as an opportunity to standardize gypsum procurement of raw materials supply, establish centralized purchasing platform, stable raw material prices.

Suggest two: strengthen the cultivation of multi-level professional skills, to the development of industry, talent is the key, with the development of industry, engaged in gypsum and related building materials the basic theory and application development and research the problem of insufficient talents is more and more prominent, but also the lack of professional and technical skilled mechanic operation, strengthen the higher education and vocational skills, such as multi-level professional talented person's raise, make a batch of qualified for gypsum building materials industry development, understand the technology a person with a sense of purpose is willing to bear the full to the team.

Suggest three: create leading enterprises and high-end brand of gypsum building materials. Brand strategy is the product of market economy, how to innovative research and development, increase product added value and brand core competitiveness, is a new task faced by the us, at pingjiang bosses of gypsum building materials enterprise development to today, although there are gypsum enterprise about Meisui, Wyangmeite in the south, yinqiao, xinyu in the north, but there is no a value in the domestic billions of Chinese famous brand enterprises.

In the international market, the basic with knauf, lafarge, HongGe Lars, Galle sri than Europe and America brand is given priority to; this situation seriously restricted the gypsum building materials enterprises bigger and stronger. In recent years, has expanded greatly in research and development of technology and equipment conditions, such as to get the government's industrial policy support, encourage enterprises to cooperate, the means of combat, resource integration, hand in hand to form a modern enterprise to create high-end brand, the industry of leap-forward development for the future opportunity.

Suggested four: strengthening industry self-discipline, purification cultivation at pingjiang gypsum building materials enterprise of good management environment. Compared to other building materials industry, gypsum building materials industry's biggest feature is: there is a need of gypsum building materials at pingjiang, a man at pingjiang of gypsum building materials wherever they are. Estimates the industry were more than 50000 workers, gypsum building materials industry has been at an intermediate stage of development, some companies have become bigger and stronger, more mature industrial foundation, but most of the enterprise or the workshop production, on a smaller scale, technology and management is relatively weak, especially the need to foster a good business environment, such as set by the association of self-discipline rules, regularly organize with characteristic of gypsum building materials exhibition at pingjiang and expert conference, expand the influence of (e.g., liuyang fireworks) country of origin, unified organization to participate in domestic and international building materials exhibition, the introduction of international technology promote the competitiveness of the industry.

Recommended five: unified standards complement material design and process database. Set up the comprehensive database, gypsum building materials production enterprises to develop all kinds of precise model, shorten the development time, promote the development and application of new products, duplicate the factories and lay the foundation for large-scale expansion.

Gypsum building materials industry development trend and market forecast:
New material, new technology, new craft application is in line with national policy, the need of people's living standards, especially the alpha gypsum crystals the wide application of new materials, such as rhino 3 d modeling new software digital technology and CNC engraving machine and other advanced equipment, for cultural creative theme architecture individuality development, highlight the modelling of gypsum building materials industry design art.

National urban and rural construction ministry and the ministry of industry and information technology vigorously advocate for green building operation, strict enforcement of building energy efficiency, promote resource saving and environment friendly society construction, ushered in the new development opportunity for gypsum building materials, ecological city with green human settlement is the mainstream of scientific development, is the characteristics of human civilization.

Market demand continues to expand, the structure transformation and upgrading to bring new opportunities. According to the ministry of industry and information technology, the new building materials industry "twelfth five-year" development plan "put forward: gypsum board from 2010 of 2 billion square meters, the market share of China's urban and rural construction and retrofit grew by an average of 30% a year, with real estate regulation and cooling, the housing market may be part of wandering over the past two years, but commercial real estate and the livelihood of the people, culture, leisure, entertainment, technology and private economy with male with a market share will continue to expand, to say the future of China's urbanization opportunities for at least 10 to 15 years, it is a huge market worth.

The second work report at pingjiang, hunan province, the ecological building materials industrial park early preparations
< 1 > project profile
At pingjiang, hunan new ecology (gypsum) at pingjiang, from guangzhou building materials industrial park project is a friends of gypsum building materials entrepreneurs, at pingjiang, response at pingjiang, hunan chamber of commerce in guangdong province, the county party committee county government's investment promotion and capital introduction policy and encourage home investment of outstanding entrepreneur, at pingjiang, vigorously support the development of the three traditional advantage industry return home. Common condensation at pingjiang runway wisdom and strength, in order to "China at pingjiang" gypsum building materials well-known brand integration development (create such as liuyang fireworks, Guangdong shunde music from the furniture, zhongshan guzhen lighting such as country of origin effect).From the height of the industry to create, with international vision, with harmony development, thanks to the Internet to establish modern enterprise system, a collectivized company operations, for the world at pingjiang compose the new chapter!

At pingjiang, in the county party committee county government vigorously advocate and support, such as leadership, director of the county industrial park YiZhiJun urged docking, with warm and thoughtful service, has carried on the preliminary research project was to visit for many times, and by the guangdong beauty more than guangzhou industrial development co., LTD. Led by Mr Chang Yong called guangzhou more than a dozen gypsum and gypsum ceiling line, GRG enterprise boss reached a consensus. Fight with "resource integration, unity, mutual benefit and win-win" for the principle, form a gypsum building materials enterprise group co., Lading at pingjiang day yue new town industrial park, location, the project plans to invest 120 million yuan, the land area of 500 mu. Mainly produces inorganic composite ceiling, inorganic composite board, gypsum lines and components, high-grade GRG components, 3 d art wallboard five series products and supporting keel parts and packing materials. Main raw material for high quality gypsum, alkali-free glass fiber, algae, aluminum alloy with light steel profiles.The main function for indoor smallpox and the wall sound-absorbing, art decoration.Products not only for national A1 level of fire prevention, but also the harmful gas and dust, clean air and release of negative oxygen ion, mildew antibacterial function, is the home of green environmental protection building materials in the world. After all project put into production, with an annual output of 20 million square meters of inorganic ceiling and wall board panels, gypsum line 100 million meters, 500000 square meters, high-end GRG components realize the output value of nearly 2 billion yuan, profit tax boss above $.

Above project at pingjiang GongJian cast staff with guangzhou group enterprise has carried on the discussion and exploration for many times, agreed that conform to the requirements of the national five-year planning and building materials industry development. The pingjiang country government strives to make the preferential policies and provide the best quality service to its nest on a means of fighting and common development. Also welcome to Shanghai, Beijing, wuhan and gypsum building materials enterprises to join all over the country, has been commissioned professional planning company do market research for the project feasibility analysis, planning and positioning system.

< 2 > business model design
Preliminary: launched by 3-5 backbone enterprises, strive for more stock-sharing (try to use money to buy into) is proposed to set up hunan golden phoenix ecological building materials group co., LTD., golden phoenix for the group brand, according to the product category set different brands (such as Germany's Volkswagen's audi, jetta, santana, etc.), the focus for the development of optimal technology, optimal capital structure, set up professional manager team, modern enterprise management system, supply, unified operation platform, quickly form a national chain strategic brand, for three to five years listed (e.g., hubei Tomlinson).

< 3 > project social benefit analysis
1, employment and tax:
After the completion of the project, it can directly increase jobs and personnel 500, annual wages amount to 15 million yuan (500 x 2500 yuan/month (December), enterprise preferred recruiting local labor, the arrangement of rural labor force and the city of more than 300 jobs for laid-off workers, the average annual income of 10000 yuan of above each labor force, is conducive to maintaining social stability and local economic development, after all the project put into production, which can realize the output value 2 billion yuan, tax more than 40 million, and the real economy return for steady and healthy sustainable development.
2, energy conservation and environmental protection benefits:
This project is energy saving low consumption and reduce the demand for fossil energy, use of renewable resources to promote the circular economy development of industrial park, such as try to use recycled water park secondary treatment (water), the use of solar energy using natural dry rain loose, reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of the products, and can reduce pollution and waste, the building materials industry, especially gypsum building materials of new building materials have been national healthy environmental protection as one of the major industrial sector and given solid wastes, such as the recent at pingjiang buzzed coal-fired power plant, will produce large amounts of desulfurization gypsum industry pay products, can be used to make gypsum board, not only do not need to pay for raw materials, can also get subsidies of 100-200 yuan per ton, directly into social benefits.
3, for cultural tourism and creative industries services:
Is handicraft is gypsum building materials not only industrial goods, and accurate (e.g., sculpture), is the best carrier of architectural design and culture creative industry, pingjiang xian as long pearl pool garden to vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry, gypsum building materials can add glory for it.
4, create the brand effect of origin, driving the common development of peripheral industries:
New research and development and production of the gypsum building materials can not only bring new benefit growth point for enterprises, but also driving the development of relevant industries, promoting industrial level, can be formed at pingjiang, "China" is the geographical indication products, with leading enterprise leadership brand chain effect and the origin of the characteristic factors (natural factors and human factors) common development, complement each other. Is the most obvious effect of related industry, logistics, decoration, arts and crafts, cultural creative design industry.
Because of the affection of gypsum building materials industry and sense of mission, wordy, causing the delay time please forgive me. Finally wish chiefs, leadership and colleagues healthy body, all the best, wish at pingjiang, hunan chamber of commerce, guangdong province, a complete success!
Guangdong Meisui industrial development co., LTD
Yu Changyong
On June 28, 2014

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