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China research institute expert group of building standard design and research institute product application visited MS

Last Update: 05/18/2017 01:03

On the 18th April afternoon, China research institute expert group of building standard design and research institute product application, Jinghong Xian, Deng Wei, Zhanhua Shao three teachers visit our company. The visit was warmly received by the company leadership, chairman Yu, Mr Chang Yong, chief engineer MS Wang, marketing manager Mr. Fang jointly attended the building products and technology standard atlas project meeting, about the total and the company's new product: household smallpox, sound insulation decorative art and its market prospects report to the experts.

China building standard design and research institute (hereinafter referred to as "standard"), founded in 1956, formerly known as institutions directly under the ministry of construction, building standard design institute, in 2000 into the central science and technology enterprises, is now under China construction science and technology group.

After nearly 60 years of development, the standard hospital has become China's urban and rural construction field widely, strong comprehensive strength of scientific research, design and technology service enterprises, one of the construction standards and standard design, urban and rural planning, construction engineering design, engineering general contracting, technical advice and product manufacture installation and other diversified business in a body, is a national high-tech enterprise, enjoys a high reputation in the construction industry, has the important influence in the country.

Standard JingHong Xian, Deng Wei and Zhanhua Shao, three teachers are all senior experts in the field of national building products application technology, after hearing the guangzhou company after the products are national standard atlas work report, highly regarded the ear of the company's technology research and development and application level, and special national standard atlas for the products you are editing work on-site guidance and in-depth discussion, at the same time, the product structure, application, product testing projects for the reasonable design and selection of system node provides many valuable scientific advice, to the national standard atlas of product application and development in the future deep expectations are put forward.Products has confirmed to form national standard atlas contains building professional acoustic partition wall, lighting, ceiling, integration and custom GRG project four major product system, the partition is divided into light steel keel partition system, integrated decorative wall system and sound absorption wall system, ceiling is Ming dragon bone system, metal keel dark embedded system and light steel keel lock system.

The exchanges and strengthen the leading enterprises in the MS,  the gypsum building materials company in China and international construction technology design authority of China academy of building standard design industry experts to learn communication, for China's building decoration field, science and technology innovative enterprises to promote the development of new products and widely used made a positive contribution!

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