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GRG Features and Advantages

Last Update: 08/02/2017 05:30
GRG(Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum),in Chinese  is called 特殊玻璃纤维增强石膏板。It is a precast and new type of decoration material made from top quality improved natural gypsum as base material, adding special gypsum reinforced glass fiber and environmental trace additives. This kind of material can be made into all kinds of flat panels, various functional products and various kinds of artistic modeling. 
As a new type of  decoration material, it has the following ten advantages and features:
1、Good plasticity: as GRG production mode is first doing mold, then fluid pre-cast to any shape according to product drawings transferred from architectural plan, it can realize designer dreams perfectly.  Its good plasticity makes any shape modelling of buildings realizable and its 200-year service life quality casts eternal art.

2、No deformation:  GRG product guarantees stable performance, durable, no crack, no deformation and long service life as there is no corrosion effect from main material gypsum to glass fiber and its wet and dry shrinkage rate is less than 0.01%.
3、High Intensity: Experiments showed that fracture load of GRG products is greater than 1200N, 10 times exceeding the fracture load 118 N of decoration gypsum board, according to international standard JC/T799-1998 (1996)


4. Fireproof And Waterproof : Testified by national supervision and testing center graded as Class A. Can be washed over 200 times without discolorment. Wet absorbing less than 0.001 in the air with humidity of 95%.

5、Breathing: GRG panel has a large number of porous structures, and in the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release the moisture. When higher temperature and lower humidity indoor, the panel will release the moisture in porous structures gradually; when lower indoor temperature and higher humidity, the panel will absorb the moisture in the air. The releasing and absorbing is formed the so-called "breathing" effect, which regulates the indoor relative humidity and create a comfortable environment for working and living.

6、Environment-friendly And Health:  It can be recycled and is green environmental protection material. 
No poisonous gas and material due to the suing of natural inorganic complex material.

7、Good Acoustic Effect: Tests showed: 4 mm thick GRG material, penetrate loss 500Hz 23d、100Hz 27d; Specific gravity in air dry 1.75, conform to the requirements of the professional acoustic reflection. Through appearance design, GRG can constitute good sound absorption structure and realize better sound insulation and absorbing effect.

8、 Convenient for Construction: GRG can be produced and cut in large pieces with arbitrary shapes according to the designer's design. With Good on-site processing performance, fast and flexible installation, GRG can be matched seamlessly into large size and form a complete artistic shape. It can ensure no error especially at the points of the mouth of the cave, arc, turning angle and other subtleties.

9、Smooth and Exquisite Surface: With Whiteness more than 85%, GRG can bond well with all kinds of coating and surface decoration materials to form an excellent decorative effect.
GRG is now the most popular upgrading products for international building decoration materials industry and mainly used for high standard buildings in architectural acoustics and architectural aesthetics, such as theaters, concert halls.  As a kind of excellent new interior decoration material, GRG unifies acoustic and aesthetic perfectly. MS company is the good manufacture of this in the world, more infomation you can contact us.

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