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Meisui Composite gypsum Troffer/Lighting Introduction

Last Update: 09/19/2017 04:32

Composite gypsum Troffer, is the core element of the suspended ceiling, which by hidden the lamps and use the irreflexive light to construct a good atmosphere. In the space of only see the rays of light, but not the lamp or bulb, can create a special environment of light and shadow. It’ s not only remain the ceiling’ s integrity, but also increase the real texture of the surface decoration. In addition, it can be random matched according to your style. Composite Gypsum Troffer Lamp is not limited to the suspended spaces. It can be installed on the finished laminated plate structures, match up the other panels to be of the secondary ceiling, and stick on the wall.

Art lighting( Gypsum troffer or gypsum cornice lamp) is a kind of built-in lighting decoration material, which integrates with practical and beauty. Fire-resistance, water-proof, and durable, suitable for different indoor spaces.

1.A1 level fire-resistance

2.moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and worm-eaten proof. 

3.high intensity and light weight

4.environmental- friendly and economical and practical

6.easy installation

7.unique design.


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