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MS Has Been Making Great Efforts To Create Green Building

Last Update: 05/20/2016 00:46

Paying attention to environmental protection and energy saving, the maximum limit to control the greenhouse effect is to create livable the basic requirements of the society. As the world's energy saving is one of the important link of building energy efficiency, green building is more and more get the attention of building materials industry. The MS always follow "green innovation" development strategy, promote environmental harmony, dedicated to provide customers with the optimization of design suggestions and systematic technical service, with their own products and systems that help customers achieve architectural design; With high efficiency, low emissions, low pollution solutions realize building energy conservation together with the customer.

All of MS product can release of Zero - Formaldehyde and negative Oxygen Ion. The negative oxygen ion will purified air. The main material of our product is nature gypsum powder and fiberglass, etc. Those are environmental materials. 

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