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Strict Control Of Formaldehyde Emission

Last Update: 05/19/2016 03:50


And the Chinese government recently announced it, the national standard committee is the mandatory national standard GB18580-2001 "interior decoration decorates material, man-made board and its products set a limit in formaldehyde emission " make a revision to the original standard of E2 standard will be removed.
Formaldehyde emission of man-made board and its products in China limited in two levels: E2 acuities were 5.0 mg/L, E1 acuities were 1.5 mg/L. And stricter E0 grade (0.5 mg/L) or less as a voluntary standards appear in the "plywood" (GB/T9846.1 ~ 9846.8), not mandatory. Compared to E1, E0 one order of magnitude of the gap, E2 to E1, difference of order of magnitude 3.5. Level between numerical difference is bigger, is regarded as the standard is not a big reason of science.

According to introducing, domestic plank industry enterprises, the pursuit of "zero - formaldehyde" technology, formaldehyde release a quantity is small or negligible, Europe, Japan and so on also in this respect, especially large brand enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection index of the about health."E2 level plank is more suitable for outdoor and packaging applications, excluding also within reason," one prominent floor manufacturers responsible person Mr Li said, "will this level, is actually more strict with plate formaldehyde release a quantity to."


In order to achieve the objectives of the zero - formaldehyde, according to the research, MS has improvement product. Nowadays, our product not only can release of  zero - formaldehyde, but also can release of negative oxygen ion to purify airy action. 

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