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The directors Ding Xinjing of China Private-Owned Business Association visited MEISUI factory

Last Update: 08/15/2017 04:03

On 8th Aug.  2017, accompanied by the leaders of Baiyun Individual Private Enterprise Association,  the directors Ding Xinjing of China Private-Owned Business Association , Shenyang Industrial And Commercial Bureau Deputy director Yang Liqun, others leaders of Shenyang Private-Owned Business Association and a business manager of Shenyang Big East Sujiatun, there were altogether 8 people visited MS factory. The purpose for this visit is learn about MEISUI company’s product, technology and enterprise management, actively promote smooth staging  of the 2rd Nationwide Private-Owned Association System Convention after the Shenyang Business Promotion Convention. 

For this visit, MEISUI chairman Yu Changyong and marketing department manager Fang Chenmin  warmly received them. In the meeting, Fang Chenmin manager introduced some information of product catalog, product feature and product advantage in detail to those leaders,  after won praise and general consent for them. After that, two leaders invite MEISUI company to attend 2017 Private-Owned Convention in Shenyang on Sept to make a in-depth investigation for the investment climate  in Shenyang. The MEISUI chairman Yu Changyong made a special thanks to the leadership of the invitation in a statement, and said that will go to shenyang to visit the leaders, and actively promote the bilateral cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation of the goal! The last to take photos with you.


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