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The principle of gypsum light

Last Update: 06/28/2016 01:26
  • The principle of simplicity
  • The principle of convenience
  • The principle of energy conservation
  • The principle of safety
  • The principle of function
  • The principle of coordination  


The principle of simplicity

Lightings should be play a role of making the finishing point in rooms. Overcomplicated shapes and miscellaneous designs and color all not fit for designing simple rooms.


The principle of convenience

Most of people all underwent the embarrassment of replacing lamps: tramples down  a desk and steps on a chair, raising heads by 90 degrees and putting up both hands over heads to ceilings of more than 2.5 meters. The convenience of replacing lamps should be taken into consideration when choosing lamps. 


The principle of conservation

Energy-saving bulbs save energy with good illuminance and don’t send out overmuch quantity of heat, applicable multi-heads lamps. Most energy-saving bulbs are standard screw, but pendant lamps have two kinds of calibers, one is standard, which is able to use energy-saving bulbs; another is non-standard, unable to use energy-saving bulbs. Paying attention when choosing, most halogen lamps are not energy-saved.


The principle of safety

Necessary to choose lightings of formal manufacturers, which especially is most important for multi-headed halogen lamps, that is, the number of heads multiply by the wattage of every bulbs is total load. Moreover, the toilet and kitchen with great humidity should choose waterproof lamps.


The principle of function

The rooms of different using functions should install different styles and illuminance lamps. Living rooms should choose bright and splendid lamps; bedrooms should choose this kind of lamps that people would not feel dazzling when lying down in bed; kids rooms should choose colorful and variegated style lamps; toilets should choose style simple waterproof lamps; kitchen should choose the lamps convenient for wiping and cleaning; some sections where need special display also can choose halogen lamps. 

The principle of coordination

Lightings should be harmonious with overall style of rooms, and the kinds of lamps in the same room should keep color and style coordination. For example, a rectangle balcony of wooden walls, wooden cabinets or wooden ceilings suit for installing rectangle wooden lamps; a rectangle hallway equipped with iron art bell and glass dining table with iron pipe is suit for installing rectangle halogen lamps of materials of iron pipe; a bed room fixed with golden cabinet door and golden halogen lamps is suit for the lamps with golden decorations.


MS artistic lightings meeting the six principles mentioned above at the same time makes it crafts. It is not only a light but also a pursuit for high-quality life. Personal fashion is easy to go with fashion household, leading simple style that is simple and tasty. This tasty now is reflected in designs of mastery of details, and that is a effect not easy to achieve that more requires work-intensive in construction, but MS have achieved.  


MS plays a key role in atmosphere and mood of rooms where different lamps allocation combing with indoor environment can form indoor mood of diverse style, and form environment atmosphere of different style.

MS—always have a kind of light suitable for you!


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