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We are successfully updated ISO9001 (2015)

Last Update: 03/07/2017 02:26

After the MS’s endeavor and our customer’s support, We are successfully updated ISO9001 (2015). Thank you!

ISO9001 is not a standard, but a kind of standard. By TC176 technical committee (TC176 refers to the quality management system) for all the international standards, is the most popular and common products of ISO12000 multiple standards.




What's the advantage of ISO9001? There are six points of this, as follow:

1. International the cancellation of the trade barrier

In order to protect their own interests, many countries have set up a variety of trade barriers, including tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers. The main of non-tariff barriers is technical barriers, and the main of the technical barriers is product quality certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification barriers. In particular, within the world trade organization, excludes tariff barriers between member countries, so set up the technical barriers, the certification is the main way to eliminate trade barriers finally. After China's access to "WTO", losing the strict boundaries of the distinction between domestic and international trade, all are likely to encounter the technical barriers to trade, should has drawn great attention of the corporate world, early prevention is the right way.

2. Saving the energy of the second party audit and cost
In modern trade practice, the second party audit had become a practice, and gradually they found the existence of great disadvantages: an organization, usually for many customers supply the second party audit will undoubtedly bring heavy burden to the organization; On the other hand, customers also need to pay for pretty, should also consider that send or hire workers experience and level of the problem, otherwise, took charge also can’t achieve the expected goal. Only the ISO9001 certification can eliminate such defects. Because as the first party to apply for the ISO9001 certification and won the third party certification certificate, number of the second party is unnecessarily again to the first party audit, in this way, both for the first party or second party can save a lot of effort or expense. Also, if the enterprise after obtained the ISO9001 certification, to apply for UL, CE product quality certification, can also be exempted from the certification body may be repeated to the enterprise quality management system certification.

3. Have an advantage in product quality competition
The international trade competition means mainly price competition and quality competition. Due to low sales method not only make profits decline, if dumped, also will be affected by trade sanctions, so, the means of price competition is more and more undesirable. Since the 1970 s, the quality competition has become the main means of international trade competition, many countries to improve the quality of the imported goods demanding as restricted the trade protectionism of the important measures. Implement ISO9000 international standardization of quality management, can steadily improve product quality, make the enterprise in product quality competition invincible.

4. It is conducive to international economic cooperation and technical exchange
According to international economic cooperation and technological exchange between practice and cooperation both sides must be in terms of the quality of products (including services) have a common language, unified understanding and keep the specification, in order to cooperation and communication. The ISO9000 quality management system certification provides such trust, is conducive to both sides to reach an agreement quickly.

5. The strengthened enterprise internal management, the operation of stability, reduce the technical or quality fluctuation caused by employees quit.

6. Improve the corporate image.

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