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Yunnan's neurasthenia government visited Meisui factory

Last Update: 09/16/2017 04:07

On 23th August, Yunnan’s neurasthenia, county and Zhang subprefect of seven people to visited the Meisui factory. The visit was to understand the company's products, technology, management, and to deeply understand the gypsum industry, to introduce to the Guangzhou company neurasthenia of  Yunnan local gypsum mineral resources situation and the preferential policy, investment to promote Yunnan neurasthenia gypsum building materials industry.

For the visit, the Meisui company’s chairman Changyong, director Yu Xiaoyong, Yu shangyong, and marketing manager Fang Chenmin made the warm reception. In the Meeting, Fang Chenmin manager introduced the Guangzhou company business situation, product performance, market prospect, etc., after introduction, Yunan’s leaders learned about Meisui company’s research and development in the gypsum industry, dedicated spirit expressed their admiration. They said: Meisui company in Guangzhou display all kinds of products, break away from some of their earlier preoccupations, such as the non-water-tight and fragile features. Then, neurasthenia and county introduced the local high-quality gypsum mineral resources and the preferential benefit investment policy to Meisui leaders, they hope Yu chairman can lead the gypsum in the near future enterprise go to Yunnan, inspect and develop the gypsum industry in Yunnan, promote the local employment.

After an introduction by the county magistrate SIRS leadership, Yu chairman also made a simple introduction about Meisui company in the five major production bases in China planning, and said that they will organize Chinese gypsum alliance enterprises together to Yunnan, promote the further cooperation.

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