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China, Jiangmen Intermediate court

Last Update: 05/11/2015 03:30

Jiangmen Intermediate court

Jiangmen city intermediate people's court building in court on June 1, 1983, with LiAnTing, torture, XingErTing a court, for the people, a court, MinErTing, by the people, for the people, three court four division, HangZhengTing (and compensation committee office offices), the trial court prison, bailiff faction and trial business institutions, has jurisdiction over pengjiang wealth, jianghai area, XinHuiOu, taishan city, kaiping city, EnPingShi, yinhe seven basic people's court, the basic people's court sent a total of 35 center court.

Jiangmen city intermediate people's court is the national judicial organs, exercise judicial power independently in accordance with law, and accept the supervision of the higher people's court of guangdong province and guide, supervise and guide the lower court trial work, the jiangmen people's congress and its standing committee shall be responsible and report its work.


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