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Performance Features

1.Plaster board of Product advantages:

Fire resistance: It has passed the tests by National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials GB8624-2006 with a result of A1-grade standard.

Material water resistance: Plate is made of composite material through physical reaction forming bubble water more than 48 hours, no obvious phenomenon of soft, can be recovered after drying, can effectively resist in large engineering (pipe and central air conditioning condensate) leakage caused by the surface fall off, the phenomenon such as mildew.

Mouldy-proof: No mouldy and no discolourment at any circumstances.

Excellent toughness: About 6 mpa good strength and toughness about 800 n, impact resistant, can bend, not easy to fracture.

Facing diversified: It can stick ceramics, coating, wood grain, marble finishing processing.

Excellent sound insulation performance: Every volume reached 48 db, can effectively reduce indoor noise.

Anti-aging, weathering, acid and alkali resistance:suitable for acid alkaline environment and used for a long time .

Pro-environmental effect: Using inorganic composite materials made from pure natural, without any harmful substances and pollution gas, belonging to a green and environmental friendly material.

Surface is easy to handle, lossless: due to the surface of the product has good density gypsum at the grass-roots level, and because of the special production process, to ensure the high strength and smoothness, only need to handle the juncture, very small amount of putty powder to a surface and grinding can achieve excellent results, plank can stick, can dig, nail, saw, truly achieves zero wear and tear.

High strength: the average value of fracture load is 300N(the international average value is 176N or more), can effectively resist the impact brought to the breakage of the damage.



2.Advantages of GRG products

-- Moulding diversity

GRG products can do any abundant and arbitrary moulding, and material surface is smooth, delicate, white degree above 90%, and it can be good and all kinds of coating and surface decoration material bonded to form excellent decorative effect with carrying on the color on the surface, spray paint, cover, etc. For example do color processing, paste gold foil, silver foil, make through paint GRG products achieve the result of imitation stone, imitation wood grain.

--High strength and light weight

1. Light weight, high strength, no deformation. Due to its advocate material gypsum no corrosion effect of glass fiber, coupled with the wet and dry shrinkage rate is less than 0.01%, thus can ensure that the product performance is stable, durable, no crack, no deformation, long service life.

 2. The quality of light (the proportion of 1.5 to 1.8). GRG products plane of standard thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm (special requirements can be thickening), 6-8 mm, per square standard thickness only 15 to 18 kg weight, main architecture can reduce weight and load components.

 3. High strength. Experiments show that fracture load is greater than 1200N; GRG products exceed international JC/T799-1988 (1996) decorative plasterboard 10 times higher than the fracture load of 118N.

--Acoustic performance

Because GRG is a kind of microspore structure material and has the effect of absorb the amplitude, frequency and sound absorption. At the same time, by changing the surface density, acoustic reflection can also be suitable for professional requirements, so as to achieve good sound absorption and the requirements of the sound, is an ideal material to theaters and large conference room.

--Fire resistance

GRG materials belong to the A1 level of fire prevention materials, when the fire broke out, it besides can flame retardant, itself can also release the equivalent of 4% to 6% of the water of its weight. It reduces the burning surface temperature significantly and reduces the fire loss.

--Pro-environmental effect

GRG product has no order and its radioactive nuclide quanta conforms to the standard of decoration material of category A as stipulated in Gb6566-2001 and recycle,  belonging to a green and environmental friendly material.


--Moisture resistance

GRG product doesn’t contain any organic element, which means mildew or yellowing will never happens to it. GRG has the function of breathing. GRG is a kind of exist a large number of microporous structure of the material. In the natural environment, porous body can release the moisture. When the high indoor temperature, less humidity, plank release the moisture in microporous gradually. When low indoor temperature, high humidity, it absorbs moisture from the air. This release and breathing is formed the so-called "breathing" effect. This kind of moisture absorption and moisture release cycle changes have played an important role in regulating the indoor relative humidity and create a comfortable environment to working and living.

--Beautiful exterior

It can choose a variety of colors and textures moulding art composition, coordinated with the surrounding environment, form a beautiful scenery line.


Surface as a diffuse light, does not produce glare or foldover.

--Easy construction

Through imagination work of designers, GRG product can be freely modeled and produced in large piece. The  hoisting and splicing technique makes an outstanding process performance on site and makes the installation work quick and flexible, GRG products can be seamlessly  assembled in spacious areas and further achieve a perfect decorative effect. Especially for the mouth of the cave, arc and Angle subtleties, ensures that without any error.



3.The ceiling's advantage of product:

Fire-proof: Combustion performance and level as graded A1;

Water -proof: Can be washed over 3000 times without discolourment. Wet absorbing less than 0.001 in the air.

Mouldy-proof: No mouldy and no discolourment at ant circumstances.

Low water absorption: 95%relative humidity air environment, its water absorption coefficient 0.1%.

Good air permeability: Products can be adjusted to certain extent humidity, has a "breathing" function;

Large specification: MS has the abundant technical strength, the first stage of development of the 600 x 1800 mm large products; meet the needs of the high-end customers;

High strength: the product adopts special technology to form internal stability of the structure of high strength and high toughness, the average value of fracture load is 300N (the international average value is 176N or more);

Strong antibacterial properties: antibacterial rate > 99.99%, suitable for hospitals and other places strict hygiene requirements;

Sound absorption performance: absorption frequency width (100-5000 Hz), high absorption coefficient (0.75 -0.80), can effectively reduce the noisy in the room;

Weather resistance aging: Plates can be used in the environment of 95% relative humidity. The deformation extent is less than 2 mm, no deformation and no mildew for a long time.

 Good environmental performance: radionuclide set limit to reach A level; Cost-effective: No deformation and discolourment with of 10 years.



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