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MS is a very classic factory in China. They have a good production system with very good quality, macdowel Ltd. is looking forward to a long working relationship with MS, we will also market for them, and used the products for our construction as well.

South Sudan

MS group is world class production facility from the gate, the manufacturing plant, and the presentation in the board room. Macdowel looks forward to a client and marketing relationship covering, uganda, South Sudan and possibly Kenya. This is the beggining of a long working relationship.

South Sudan

Excellent quality. Looking forward to working with MS. again .

Mr. Garcia

Great Ltd. , The ceiling products is suitable for our demand, MS is the reliable friend.

Ms Sarah

Thank you for this amazing ceiling that totally made my project perfect!

Mr. Johnson

Thank you all for your great work . I am generally pleased with the quality and the customer service.

Mr Robert
UAE and Yemen

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